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I’m in love Episode 21

I’m in love

Episode 21

A Story Written by Tycoon

I thought as I was studying in my room one blessed day….after the day lecture
Our days in school are now numbered because as a final year student,our convocation ceremony is to commence where everyone is to collect his/her certificate and coupled with my friends we were also happy
***We all busted into laughter****”Guys I’m so happy that my five years in this school paid me well”Ekony said after cracking a lot of jokes for us
“Well we all thank *GOD* for his mercy over us from a fresher…..
“to a whole Graduate!!”Wilson said in completion
“That good,i just wonder who the best graduating student will be? “Perry said jokingly
“Ahah wetin dey do this guy? Like say you no know who the person will be”Ekony said in correction
“Then who will the person be? “I asked jokingly although I knew it was me they were talking of
“you of course,you have been on First Class since 100 level then what do you expect?”Ekony said raising his eyebrows
****On hearing this I smiled a little within me ****
“But as for us, we kuku no know book but thank *GOD* say I take babe commot this school “Ekony said trying to change the topic of the conversation
“and what are you trying to insinuate? “I asked with a little frown on my face
“what I’m trying to say is that don’t because of the case of Lina, you should now be lonely”Ekony said while others agreed with him
“I know Lina is gone in my life forever but I don’t think I’m lonely after all I have all of you beside me here” I said
“Guy that not what he’s trying to tell you”Wilson said as he shifted a little bit forward
“then what? “I asked with a *perplexed* mind
“Pen this what I mean,don’t you know that you need a new partner soon or do you want your mum to be asking for your girl before you know what to do next?”Ekony said as he stood up wandering around the room
“Okay if that be the case you will know my girlfriend soon”I said in confirmation
” *Wasere Omo mi* “Ekony said chopping knuckles with me
Right from the day Lina’s boyfriend slapped me in the eatery, I have promised to take *vengeance* by myself but as time goes on, I forgot about it but determine that nothing will ever happen between me and Lina
But ever since I met Sania,My relationship with Sania from day one has been becoming real,if I’m asked about how I feel for her,i will say nothing than to smile because I think I have been loving her more than what I expected. Initially I thought I was not going to fall in love with any lady apart from Lina but Now when Sania came into my life,i feel blessed,seeing her everyday makes me feel turned on,from a curly hair reaching her tops and skirt,she dress like a Miss
We have been so close to the fact that we do things together except from *XXX*
But it was a week to our Convocation day,i knew that if I did not tell Sania my heart,i may end up loosing my precious element
*****Penorat,you have to act fast before things turns out to be what I don’t want*****i thought one day on my way from where I went to defend my project of my last paper,So I decided to call her
****She picks it up****
Sania:-Hello naughty boy
Myself:-***i smiled*** how you dear
Sania:-I’m fine,where are you?
Myself:-I’m coming from the hall
Sania:-won’t you come to my house ni?
Myself:- hmmmm hmnnn
Sania:- don’t hmmmm me at all, because It been long since I saw your face
Myself:- okay I Myself will come
Sania:-I’m waiting ooo,
Myself:-no problem ***Hangs up****
***see this girl,i called her to tell her my feelings but she called me to her house***i thought
As I was going to her house,i gave a call to Ekony about where I was going to
On getting there,I and Sania both chatted for over an hour,but my mind is not with what we were saying,i just acted along, from there we switched on to Ludo game
“ahaha you use ojoro for me ooo i played double 6” she said as she rolled the dice
But I kept on looking at her face waiting for her to ask me why
“Pen why are you dull hope no problem?”She asked as she lay her soft hand on my chick
“hmmmm Sania!”I called softly as I dropped down the ludo game away from her hands and I held her hands with mine
“Yes, I can hear you “she replied as she held mine in response
“you see, I won’t lie to you,i have this kind of feeling in me for you from the day one I set my eyes on you,Sania I love you so much and I can’t leave you for anybody I repeat anybody” i said with a full seriousness on my face
On hearing this from me,she looked back to check maybe she is the one I’m talking to
“Don’t look back Sanny, I’m in love with you “I repeated it again
On hearing this again she released her hands in shock from mine
“Pen!!!!”She called
“yeeessss”I responded slowly
“Do you realise who you are talking to? “She asked in surprise
“Yes it’s you Sania”I said with a sorry face
“Your best friend? “She said again
“Yes I know that very well”I replied
“I know how you feel for me,but you came at the wrong time Pen,I’ve been expecting this to come from you a long time ago but I’m sorry I have fallen in love with someone else”She said dejectedly
“Are you serious about it Sania”i asked for confirmation
“Yes “she replied
It was here I’m feeling the second sadness,Sania turned me down
On hearing this,i stood up immediately and head for the door knob until I heard my name being called
“Pen!!!”She called and I looked back
“yes”i answered
She came up to me at the entrance and stare at me I the eyes ….
“Are you serious about what you said just now”She asked holding my head
“I’m serious dear”i said looking at her eyeballs
As I said it,Sania immediately moved up to me and gave me the deepest kiss I have ever had ….we both kissed for over five minutes. After that she withdrew her lips and looked into my face….
“I love you Pen”She said smiling
“I love you too baby”i said returning the smile
And that was how I fell in true love with Sania…………………


(To Be Continued)



Obscure Words:-

Wasere Omo mi:- a Yoruba way of giving Kudos to someone for a job well done
Vengeance:- to take revenge for someone
XXX:- slang used for sex as used in this episode

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  1. I want Lina to pay for her did, the playwright needs to work on the very final episode.

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