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Me Celebrity Baddest guy Episode 3

Me Celebrity baddest guy

Episode 3

Story written by Kenny Anthony


“Sam..?….is that you?” I rushed up the stairs like a crazed bull. I heard the front door slam behind me so hard the whole house seemed to vibrate.

“Sam…?” Mum’s voice called out from the kitchen again. I didn’t need her drama, I just wanted to get into my room and shut the door. Was all this a nightmare? Was I going crazy? Had I just lost my virginity and didn’t know how? —- Ofcourse I knew how, I’d felt Joshua inside me, I had felt him moving—-CHRIST! How had that happened? How had we gotten from the school hallway to…..?

I could feel my skin crawling. I pulled the latch on my room door and more or less tore off my clothes. I dashed into the bathroom, turned on the shower and just sat there, feeling the cold water on my body. This had to be a dream.



Stuff like this didn’t happen in real life. There was blood flowing from in-between my legs. I shut my eyes and began to cry.

“Sam….are you okay?” Mum was at the door. I really didn’t need her drama. Then I felt my temperature rising.

It was happening again.

An image of an old pair of scissors on my dresser. Its blades were gold plaited. Then I was in the dark desert again. But there were no shadows, just a black cloud coming towards me. Something bad was coming. I could feel it.


I tried to run, but the sands were like knee-high waves against my legs.

The cloud was getting closer.

I could sense something….watching me from inside it. I had to get out of here! But I could barely move. The cloud was only a few feet away. Then, a pair of eyes inside it, opened.


The eyes were blacker than the darkness around them.

I screamed.

My mum was standing In the hallway wearing her favourite blue apron. She was clutching the front of her blouse like she always did when she was scared of something. I was standing in the doorway to my room. Water was still dripping from my body. My right hand was behind me and I could feel  the coldness of steel against my spine.

Time froze.

I slowly brought the hand around. My fingers tightly held the scissors. I had no Idea how it got there. One moment I was sitting under the shower—feeling water rolling down my skin, the next I was standing stark naked in front of my mother with a pair of scissors in my hand.


An icy feeling inside my chest. What was I about to do?

“….what did you say?” Mum asked with a tremor in her voice.

“…Uh….what?” Finally finding my voice.
“…you said…if I touched the door again, you would….kill me.”

I gulped.

What the hell was going on? What did all this mean? I had to think of something—fast. Mum was staring at me like I might bite her or something.

“I’m….em…not feeling very well,”

She didn’t seem convinced. Infact she looked like she were about to make a run for it. She remained frozen.

“…I think I’m….coming down with something,” I said softly.

Long silence.

“I….I..was just..checking up….on you,”she said finally. Her eyes never left the scissors in my hand.
“Ok…,” I whispered slowly closing my room.


I pressed my back against the door and slid to the floor. I knew she was still standing there wondering what the hell was going on. I did a quick recap: First I couldn’t account for most of my day, second was I dressed like a skank to school, lost my virginity and might have nearly stabbed my mother with a pair of scissors.


Weird part? I couldn’t remember jack-shit!

I don’t know how long I stayed there. I didn’t want to move. I was scared the visions would come again. What the hell was I about to do?


Several chills ran through me. I flung the scissors across the room, hearing it clatter against the wardrobe—right next my favourite Joe the Model poster. I was afraid to look at it.


I had this weird feeling the eyes in the Poster were ‘watching’ me.

Then my phone rang.

Ice formed inside me when I heard Joe’s ringtone. I dug my nails into the  wooden boards and held my breath. The sound sent electric tingles through me. Why was I so terrified? And why did I want to hear his voice so bad? Everything was alien to me: The clothes I wore to school, the strange urges I felt inside me.

It kept on ringing.

I stared at the vibrating device lying on my bed. It was weird being so frightened and horny at the same time. Every inch of my body wanted to be touched, squeezed and licked. I’d never felt like this before.

I got off the floor and moved towards the bed.


There was something off about my body. If felt….different somehow, as if someone or something else was controlling it.

“Hello?” Even my voice sounded different.

There was silence on the other end.



“I’ll hang up if you don’t talk.” That was bullshit Ofcourse. I stood a better chance regaining my virginity than ending the call. I was stuck– like a deer caught in the car’s headlights.

“Are you wet?” His voice finally said. He sounded different—as if I were listening to an older version of his voice. It was creepy—and sexy in a weird way.

“Are you craving something you don’t understand?”

“What’s happening to me?”

“This is just the beginning Sam,” he said.

I could feel the visions coming again. My skin felt warmer and I could feel myself slipping away. Something dark was taking over my body.

“What are you talking about?” Images flashed passed my brain. I was in the desert again—naked. Hands and lips pressing against my skin. I could feel myself responding to their caresses.

“Don’t fight it,” Joe’s voice said. “…let her in.”
The last three words snapped me out of the trance.
I was still holding the phone, but my other hand was……inside me.


The line was dead.

He was gone.





After Joe’s call, everything seemed normal again. The visions had stopped and the urges ceased….sort of. Every now and then, I’d FEEL something weird. This one time, I caught myself staring at Renee’s bust line. I’d never even thought of another girl like that before. I desperately wanted to taste her. It was a weird hunger—like I’d been starved for days.

“So are you going?”

I blinked and shook my head. We were in the hallway, and it was closing time. The entire school had the friday/Silvia’s party fever.

“Going….?” I asked.

“Really??”Renee went. “Did you zone out again….?”

“Sorry, ” just a little distracted.”

Renee sighed. “Silvia’s bash…..you going?”

“Dunno yet,”I shrugged. “Haven’t had the balls to ask my mum.”

“I guess it’s a no then.” There was something off about her. Like there was something eating her inside. I knew I’d been distant. I couldn’t help it. What I was going through was a frigging nightmare. I didn’t want to pull her into it. She was too dear to me.

“Talk to Timothy yet?” She said without looking at me.

Long pause.

I didn’t know how much she knew of the ‘incident’ a few days back.

“Uh…no,” I said. I haven’t …..did he say anything?”

“No…he’s been acting really weird lately. You sure nothing happened between you two?”

“You’re lying Sam,” Renee said shaking her head.

“I’m not—-.”

“You know what? Save it!” She said raising her palm to my face.

I paused, but she kept walking. “Really?….did you just give me the hand?”

Renee adjusted the strap on her backpack and turned around. “Yeah, I did!”

“Have you got something to say to me?”

“Yeah, I do.” She said pacing towards me. She seemed pissed. “Whatever shit you’re involved in, leave my brother out of it!”

I was shocked at her tone and level of hostility. Several students turned to stare in our direction.

“What’s gotten into you, Renee?”

“What’s gotten into me?” She turned around to look at our fast growing audience. “I’m not the one keeping secrets, running off, not answering calls or text messages—-.”

“Keep your voice down,” I said looking at the small circle that had formed around us.

“Or what?”She said. “So you’ll walk out on me again?….or lemme guess, you’ll snatch my brother away for a quick screw in the restroom.”

There were a lot of oohs and aahs from the crowd.

I was beyond shocked. “…he told you that?”

“He didn’t have to,” she spat. “I saw you rush out of the toilet with panties still wrapped around your ankles…..I was in the frigging hallway! How could you do something like that?”

Long silence.

Everyone was staring at me. I felt small, I felt….scared.

Then my temprature rose.
Oh God!

“You’re supposed to be my bestfriend,”Renee was screaming. “…I don’t even recognize you anymore!”

I felt my head turn towards the right side wall of the hall—where the red emergency fire Axe was encased.

Renee’s rants had drowned out.

Images from the dark desert filled my mind.



Then everything else went dark. I was in the desert again. There was a woman with me. Her tongue buried inside me and flickering like some wild thing. I screamed.

The image of the desert faded away. All I could see was darkness. I could feel something warm flowing down my throat. I could feel the cold air on my skin.




There was music…..I could hear something else too…..my name.


I blinked.

I was surrounded by other teenagers. It was night time and I had an empty bottle of whiskey over my mouth.

“SAM! SAM! SAM!” The crowd was chanting.

I let the bottle slip from my hand and heard it shatter on the ground.

The crowd cheered like crazy. I heard my name over and over again.

Where was  I ?

An arm wrapped itself around my neck. I freaked out and spun around.

“Hey,….calm down,” I turned to gaze into Silvia’s face.

“…where…?” Was all I could utter.

“You are frigging amazing,” she said with the smell of alcohol on her breath. “This is the bestest party ever!”

Smells of barbeque and cigarettes reached me.

A whole day had passed and I was at Silvia’s bash….and I couldn’t remember how I got there.


She was pulling me through the crowd. They kept chanting my name. Someone slipped a cup of something into my hand, the music was really loud.

I was more in shock than anything else. The last thing I remembered was standing in the school hall way having a show-down with my best friend. This was scary….very scary.

We passed a smooching couple in a corridor.


The guy had his face in the girl’s neck. My eyes caught my reflection in a mirror at the end of the corridor. I barely recognized myself.


I had extensions in my hair that seemed a mile long. I had makeup and a dress so short and tight I looked like a young hooker.

She pulled me through a side door.

“We have to talk,” she said shutting the door behind us. A quick look told me it was Silvia’s room (if the pictures, massive mirror and dozens of Pink Teddy bears was anything to go by).

“So…is it true?” She staggered towards the bed and sat down. She seemed pretty wasted. I was begining to feel a bit woozy myself.

“Is ….what true?” My voice sounded a bit raspy.


I realized my other hand was holding a pack of ciggarettes. How did I get that? How did I get here? Where did I get the clothes from?…..what the hell was going on?

“Don’t play dumb,” she giggled. “In less than a week, you’ve hooked up with a celeb, slapped that wannabe, Renee and now you’ve made out with West.”

Time froze.


She giggled some more. “Quite well I might add. Serves her right…..you don’t need friends like that anymore….you’re a diva now.”

I was feeling really dizzy now. This had to be a dream….a nightmare.

“….Listen,” she belched. “West is mine okay?….you and I besties now….lets not cross swords.”

The darkness was coming again. I didn’t want it to. I was scared…no, I was terrified. But I couldn’t stop myself from moving towards the bed. What she was saying didnt make sense.


West was the hottest guy in school. I’d never spoken to him before….and had I actually hit my bestfriend?

“…you guys kissed……,” she went on “I’m willing to let it slide just—.”

My lips covered her mouth. I couldn’t stop myself…..I wanted to(then again, maybe I didn’t) flashes of the dark desert went through my mind.

“What are you—?” I tore off her dress and sucked on her breast. She struggled, but I was stronger. I let my hands squeeze and pinch her flesh until she moaned. Then she was kissing me back. I caught my reflection again, this time in the mirror on her dresser. I had her hands pinned down as I tasted her naked body. Then I saw something that made even the dark images fade away. My heart probably stopped beating and time froze again. My reflection had…..what I can only describe as a…..long, black hideous looking  tail—twice the length of my body sticking out of its backside…….a Scorpion’s tail.


……to be continued.

Me Celebrity Baddest Guy Episode 2 Story Written by Kenny Anthony   I felt a
Me celebrity baddest guy Episode 1 Story by Kenny Anthony     "Hello?" I said.

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Me Celebrity Baddest Guy Episode 2 Story Written by Kenny Anthony   I felt a
Me celebrity baddest guy Episode 1 Story by Kenny Anthony     "Hello?" I said.
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