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Me celebrity baddest guy Episode 2

Me Celebrity Baddest Guy

Episode 2

Story Written by Kenny Anthony


I felt a sharp pain in my shin. It hurt like hell.
“Ouch!” I exclaimed.
“Are you even listening?”Renee’ yelled. I sent a tiny probe into my memory files and came up with nothing. I couldn’t even remember how we ended up at the cafetaria. It was almost closing time.
“So its like that?” Renee’ said. “First you hookup with the hottest star since….Thor without telling me about it, and now you can’t even talk to me?”


“It’s not like that Re—.”
“Em..excuse me,” came a voice we all knew too well. We both turned to stare into the face of our sworn enemy. Silvia d Hawty.
If there were a social food chain, Silvia was at the top of it. She was arguably the HAWTEST chick in school. She was so sexy, it was annoying. Every step she took seemed like a pose for a foto shoot. The chick was the reason Selfies were created in the first place.

“Samantha right?” She asked leaning into my face. Whatever perfume she was wearing was so nice, it made me hate her more. She was fine yes, but her IQ could be summed up in Two digits…..less than fifty.

“Yea,” I said wondering why I was speaking to the Queen of the Damned. She didn’t like anything beneath her social stance. This one time, her and her minions poured olive oil on the floor by the stairs. I nearly sprained an ankle catching myself on the rails.

“I was wondering……” She said awkwardly. Which was weird, because this chick had never had an awkward day in her life. She must’ve come out of the womb looking like a properly filtered Profile Pic. There was no guy (including my stalker Timothy) who didn’t want to bang her. “I’m throwing a party on saturday, would you like to come?”

Time froze.

Being invited to Silvia’s house was  like being invited to the White House. Being invited to her house for a party was like being told to visit the Pearly gates. I couldn’t believe it.

She threw Renee’ a look that would’ve frozen sand in the Sahara desert. “She can come too.” She handed me a tiny pink invitation card. The instant our fingers touched, I was back in the dark desert again. Sounds of sex filled the air, darkened bodies thrusting into each other. But it was different this time, Silvia was there. She was naked and her hands were all over me. I could feel her touching, pinching and squeezing my flesh. Her face was close to mine. I leaned in and tasted the sweat off her skin. She moaned and pinched my nipples, I was so wet.

“Sam….SAM!” Came Renee’s voice.
I was back at the cafeteria again, still holding her hand. Silvia was blushing.
“I guess….that’s a yes…” She said letting go of my hand.”Looking forward to seeing you there.” She turned and glided away. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. In my whole life, I’d never thought of even kissing another girl. But in that moment, I wanted to rip her clothes off and sex the crap out of her.

“Sam!” Renee’s voice again.
I turned to stare at my best friend. I’d never been so horny in my life. I could feel the wetness in between my legs.

“You’re drooling,” Renee said in disgust. “What is up with you?”
I wiped my mouth and scrambled out of there. I had no Idea what was going on. Ever since the ‘Joe date,’ everything felt weird. I was seeing these……visions all the time. It was always the same thing: In a desert, dark bodies having sex, and I’m with them. I couldn’t stop thinking about sex. I was horny most of the time. I was losing bits of time. This one time, I opened my eyes to find myself in the male restroom, I had taken off my bra, and I was…..touching myself. Ofcourse, I freaked out and got the fuck outta there. I hadn’t heard from Joe since. I still didn’t know how I’d ended up naked in my bathroom.

“Hey Sam,” I ignored the voice. Ever since the ‘Joe Date’ I’d gone from Geek status to Queen Status over night. Everyone wanted to be friends. I had over a thousand (and I shit-you-not) Facebook friend requests. My face was all over Youtube and people were already calling me Joe’s Girl. It was crazy, it was exciting…..it was scary.

“Sam,” a hand touched me.
I spun around faster than I thought possible. “If you fucking touch me again, I’ll tear off your head and shit down your neck.”
Time froze.

I had no idea where that came from. Cursing and swearing isn’t really my thing. So I was shocked when I heard those words from my mouth.
Timothy stared at me like I were a scene from a horror movie. I remember covering my mouth in fear.

“Are you….okay?” He said.
“OMG! I’m so sorry Tim…..I’m so sorry—.”
“What is with you?” He asked scratching his head. He looked more scared than shocked. “First you’re on Tv with a celeb, then you change the way you dress—-”
“My dress?” I looked down at my clothes. Funny how I hadn’t realized I was wearing a skirt way way way too short than a I was used to. Why didn’t I remember wearing it?
“And your makeup…..” He was saying. “Now you’re swearing?”
I didn’t know what to say. He was staring at me like I was some kinda freak.

“Are you doing drugs?”
Then just like that, I felt my temperature rising. My heart was racing. The sound drowned out the words he was speaking. I was back in the dark desert again. Dark hands all over my body. I could feel something hard and pulsating inside me. I was on top of one them. Each time he moaned, it sounded like the hiss of a snake. He covered my breast with his mouth and continued thrusting into me. I kept on riding—hard and fast as I heard my name.

I opened my eyes to find myself on top of Timothy. The front of his shirt was ripped open, his hands were on my breasts and we were on the floor of the ladies room. I could feel him inside.

“JEEZ!” I screamed. I jumped off him and scrambled out of there.
Something was wrong….something was very wrong with me

Sorry continues

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Me Celebrity baddest guy Episode 3 Story written by Kenny Anthony   "Sam..?....is that you?"
Me celebrity baddest guy Episode 1 Story by Kenny Anthony     "Hello?" I said.
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