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Wedding night episode 24

Episode 24 “you guys should please call the police” Damian’s mother cried on my shoulder while one of the guys in the room left instantly to do her bidding. I also threw a look at my brother who quickly brought out his phone and called detective Jeremiah. “the police will soon be here, please stop […]

Wedding night episode 23

Episode 23 The tape wasn’t as audible and clear as i hoped it would be, nevertheless it was loud enough for everyone in the room to listen easily. My heart pounded with excitement as everyone listened to Esther’s confession which really was accurate and up to point. Such a perfect confession it was… Seriously Esther […]

Wedding night episode 21

Episode 21 I picked up my gun and nervously pointed it at the huge white guy who simply scoffed, drew forward and grabbed the gun, slapping me at the same time and sending me down with a ferocious kick on my left leg. “b—h” he cursed coldly, while Esther placed a hand on his shoulder […]

Wedding night episode19

Episode 19 I surveyed the area for the last time, reached inside my black jacket and touched the pistol my brother gave me minutes earlier. “it has only one bullet. You are not going in there to shoot anybody but i’m giving it to you because no one knows what might happen when you get […]

Wedding night episode 17

Episode 17 “so tell us what you have in mind?” the detective asked curiously. “well before i say anything, I’ll like to know if the so called Esther that got me into this mess is still staying at my husband’s house?” i asked while the detective nodded. “yes she is at the house. She chose […]

Wedding night episode 16

Episode 16 Later in the evening my brother came visiting with a flask filled with food, but food really wasn’t what i needed that moment. “i’m sorry for coming late, i really was held up with work. Dad is now safely home. I spoke with him few minutes ago” he said pleasantly while i ate […]

Wedding night episode 15

Episode 15 “I can do anything to free myself. Please just speak up” I pleaded. The detective shook his head, bit his lips and stared at me. “hmmmm, if i’m unable to make any breakthrough within two days, you will have to harm yourself in a way that it will be impossible to put you […]

Wedding night episode 14

Episode 14 “I know you are helping me officer but you got to do more, you have to try every necessary means to free me. Please i beg of you” i cried, kneeling before Detective Jeremiah who quickly looked away with embarrassment” “please madam stand up, don’t kneel for me, i’m not God” he begged […]

Wedding night episode 6

Episode 6 As we got up to leave, i passionately pleaded to the detective to help me out. “seriously i have no hand in my husband’s death. You have to help me. You have to do something” I pleaded desperately. “as long as you are innocent, you have no problem with me. I’m a good […]

Wedding nignt episode 13

Episode 13 Esther tried opening her mouth to say something, but the lawyer quickly held her hand, stopping her. “don’t say anything. The officer is bluffing. He’s trying to make you say something that could incriminate you” he said to her before facing detective Jeremiah. “if you really have the evidence to arrest my client, […]

Wedding night episode 12

Episode 12 I soon regained myself to see two female police officers and Nancy by my side. Detective Jeremiah stood a distance away, watching me with great interest. “hope you have eaten today?” one of the female officers asked me. “yea” i nodded, breathing heavily. “you have to get a grip of yourself if you […]


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