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Natasha Final Episode

Natasha  Episode 53 GRAND FINALE A Story Written By Konami    Episode title:: one good news one bad news Episode theme song::: on the wings Johnbull side of the story:::: I woke up from my soft bed feeling very happy, what’s the secret of my happiness that I don’t know. I went into the toilet […]

Natasha Episode 52

Natasha  Episode 52 A Story Written By Konami      FROM THE PREVIOUS SCENE Immediately Natasha sighted johnbull as well as Johnbull sighted Natasha, they both ran and hugged each other…. They hugged passionately for about three minutes before the senator wife spoke “am glad you are back son” “thank you mum” <Natasha kissed him> […]

Natasha Episode 51

Natasha  Episode 52 A Story Written By Konami       from the last scene “poow” “poow” “poow” “poow” Four bullet was fried, Andrew, poki and the remaining fell down instantly. Johnbull was very surprise he was about raising his head when he saw Kelly running to where he was tired. “Kelly how did you […]

Natasha Episode 50

Natasha  Episode 50 A Story  Written By Konami       FROM THE LAST SCENE DOCTOR’S OFFICE ::;: “sit” said the doctor pointing at a seat “doctor I hope nothing bad is happening” asked Natasha “not too bad its just that your husband to be was beaten badly and I hope it didn’t affect any […]

Natasha Episode 49

Natasha  Episode 49 A Story Written By Konami    FROM THE LAST SCENE Andrew was driven out of the compound while the securities gave him a caution never to come back. Inside the compound was Natasha and the frightened looking johnbull, Natasha held his hand while they went inside. “who is that guy??” asked jb […]

Natasha Episode 48

NATASHA  Episode 48 A STORY WRITTEN BY KONAMI      From the last scene “dad how I don’t understand what you mean” “I mean where is this relationship going to, like what will be the outcome of this relationship” “oh!! sir I understand where you are driving to, as soon as I start working in […]

Natasha Episode 47

Natasha Episode 47 A Story Written By Konami   FROM THE LAST SCENE I successfully thought ivie the major aspect she needed as an ssce student in calorimetry including heat capacity, specific heat capacity, latent heat etc. Few hours later it was night while we all ate pounded yam and egusi. I could not eat […]

Natasha Episode 46

Natasha Episode 46 A Story Written By Konami     After the meal that night I went to meet my uncle concerning the discussion he was to have with me. “johnbull you are not yet asleep” said my uncle who was marking some note books outside the house “no uncle, I came concerning the talk […]

Natasha Episode 45

Natasha Episode 45 A Story Written By Konami     We went back to school, wrote our exams and came back to Lagos for Christmas holiday. Our stay in Lagos was very fruitful, enjoyable and fun, little did I know that Natasha can play basketball she is very sporty in nature. TWO YEARS LATER::: MADONNA […]

Natasha Episode 44

Natasha Episode 44 A Story Written By Konami Olumma side of the story I was very astonished on seeing Johnbull once again he has really changed, he is now big and looking tush, I really miss my first love. I was done with my manicure and pedicure, I sat on a sit adjacent to him […]

Natasha Episode 43

NATASHA Episode 43 A STORY WRITTEN BY KONAMI     EJOOR BARRACKS EFFURUN WARRI DELTA STATE YVONNE SCENE I found my self in a barrack, bruises were all over my body. I saw the head of the soldiers that arrested me talking to some group of soldiers. Minutes later I was taken to a dark […]

Natasha Episode 42

NATASHA Episode 42 A STORY WRITTEN BY KONAMI   Theme song <she is alive> last scene Dr Ayis office “(phone ringing)” “Good day doctor this is Ayis calling from Konami specialist hospital Nigeria” “OK so how may I help because am really busy now” “sir I want to ask if there is N-acetylcysteine antidote injection […]


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