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Trauma S2 Episode 8

TRAUMA (PAINS OF LOVE) WRITER:-NOBLEQUEEN NYONG 08164066271 : SEASON TWO EPISODE EIGHT * * * : Eric’s grip on my hand tightened. “What did you just call me? Or have you forgotten I’m your senior?” “Uhlala,” I laughed. “Senior my ass, do I look like Joy or any other girl you play your dirty games […]

Trauma S2 Episode 7

TRAUMA (PAINS OF LOVE) WRITER:-NOBLEQUEEN NYONG 08164066271 : SEASON TWO EPISODE SEVEN * * * : The question she asked made me feel flummoxed. I looked down at my left hand that was locked in David’s right and tried pulling out but David tightened his fingers around mine. “What were you guys doing?” She sputtered, […]

Trauma Episode 23

TRAUMA (PAINS OF LOVE) WRITER:-NOBLEQUEEN NYONG 08164066271 : SEASON ONE EPISODE TWENTY-THREE * * * BECKY’S HOUSE (INSIDE THE ROOM) : Once inside the room, Nath made me sit on the edge of the bed, he didn’t sit too but instead held my hands in his. “I myself don’t really understand, lets just wait till […]

Trauma Episode 21

  TRAUMA (PAINS OF LOVE) WRITER:-NOBLEQUEEN NYONG 08164066271 : SEASON ONE EPISODE TWENTY-ONE * * * GENERAL HOSPITAL : I woke up and tried opening my eyes. I immediately knew the bed I lay wasn’t mine but what happened to me? And what I was doing there was something I couldn’t figure out. I turned […]

Trauma Episode 20

TRAUMA (PAINS OF LOVE) WRITER:-NOBLEQUEEN NYONG : SEASON ONE EPISODE TWENTY * * * BECKY’S HOUSE : I stared at the person infront of me in shock and also with my mouth wide open. I never imagined in my entire life that David would still summon up courage to come to my house after what […]

Bukky Alakara Part 21

BUKKY  ALAKARA PART TWENTY-ONE Gbemiga sat on his bed in his off campus hostel, pondering over his life. His grades at school were okay, but, his relationship with God had gone downhill. He didn’t even recognize himself anymore. He had been lured back to his old habits since he broke up with his ex-girlfriend. He […]

Fausa Eleja S7 Episode 30

FAUSA ELEJA SEASON 7 ///EPISODE 30/// A STORY WRITTEN BY YKOLAZ Femi: not atall sir, the face look familiar to whom I discussed with you that killed my father……..infact seriously look alike with the picture the police got from mr. John before he died……………….Me: what!!! My friend, an assassin???? I doubted it, he was not […]

Bukky Alakara Part 19

BUKKY ALAKARÀ A STORY WRITTEN BY SERAH IYARE PART NINETEEN Bukky knocked on the door again. Was he home? Has he gone out? Maybe she should have called before coming. It had been a while since she had seen him. She missed him. She knocked and knocked, hoping that he was around. She heard the […]

My Missing Rib Season 2 Final Episode

MY MISSING RIB (The stranger) Season 2 Final Episode (Episode 24) A STORY WRITTEN BY BRIGHT DANIEL Stella and Steve were in pyjamas at the door staring at each other. However, Steve placed one of his hands behind to hide the ring. Seeing the situation, Stella glanced at the wall clock. “It’s to ten, what […]


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