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Marvel Episode 5

Marvel Episode 5 A Story Written by Ademolar       Silence graced the whole class as the teacher was busy writing something down on the chalkboard ” is the act of sending and receiving information between two or more people.. The information conveyed can include facts, ideas, concepts, opinions, beliefs, attitudes, instructions and even […]

Marvel Episode 4

Marvel Episode 4 A Story Written By Ademolar   The atmosphere was mixed with air rush as the bus drive along the highway with high speed, the wind hurled all over him as he lay on the floor. “here you go ” a Chubby looking boy offered marvel his hand. Marvel looked at him for […]

Marvel Episode 3

Marvel Episode 3 A Story Written by Ademolar   He struggled and he forcefully tried to dragged himself out of his head but all went to no avail, “let go of me..” He screamed “shhhhhhhh! Be quiet! what are you doing here in this forest at this kind time? “a skinny looking man with unkempt […]

Marvel Episode 2

Marvel  Episode 2 A Story Written By Ademolar The moon walk after him as he pick his way down to his house, on getting home, he head straight to his room without saying a word to his grandparents, he jumped on his bed but suddenly some set of fire flies gathered above him. With fear, […]

Marvel Episode 1

Marvel A Story Written by Ademolar Episode 1 The north wind swirl around him and clouds of dead brown leaves kick up from the ground with a faint small rustling sound while he began to clear the weed out of his farm. After clearing some metres of weed The old farmer stopped and he move […]

Brand New Entry: Marvel Episode 1

Marvel A Story Written By Ademolar Prologue The cold weather was mixed with some sign of flashing across the sky as the barking of the hungry and scared dog blanketed the whole atmosphere . The leaves spread their hands, welcoming the touch of the cool breeze rumbling over them, As Mr Smith drive with full […]


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