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Wedding night episode 18

Episode 18 “so when do you plan heading to the house?” the detective asked seconds later. “it should be tonight, by 10pm. The neighbourhood will be dark and lonely by that time” i answered quickly. “that’s okay but without a good recorder and hand gloves, i doubt if your mission will be successful. I can […]

Fausa eleja s3 episode 18

EPISODE 18 ………i was happy at one side of me and also imagine how could it be only one person witnessed this?????? why others didn’t know???????……..Could this be true??????????? hmmmmmmmmmm….. ***we forget everything about Mr. John, Seye and Seyi, and we made it a past event in our life and past history in our memory……..we continue our […]

Fausa eleja s3 episode 15

EPISODE 15 Before i could notice it…..Mr. John came to our room and they started that night, I excused them when I notice that something is getting to one Another,,,, infact Mr. John wasn’t even scared, he even had the gut to do it inside my matrimonial home…..continuously, either in his home or even in […]

Fausa eleja s3 episode 14

EPISODE 14 “should i kuku leave fausa for him and find another woman?????” “fausa won’t buy the idea…she had suffered alot for me,” “i was the one who eventually causes the demise of the girl still fausa was the one receiving the pains” “………………..what can i do???” “ Seye who is the right person to […]

Fausa eleja s3 episode 13

EPISODE 13 …………..we told them there was only a man tracking our life…..and it was gen sec…….they left to arrest gen sec…and he was tortured like a murderer but yet he insisted he doesn’t know where seye was neither know anything about what happened……….we were so worried but we allowed the bail of gensec after […]

Fausa eleja s3 episode 11

EPISODE 11 i hurriedly took the outside handle and force it opened,,,,,,,, i went inside with her while i shut the door……’i knew the reason why she avoided to make my way at the passage………..it is because she said she don’t want anything to come between us again” —..i got inside with her. i knelt down […]


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