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Must Read: Fate (16+) Last Episode

FATE (16+) LAST EPISODE A STORY WRITTEN BY PURITYVAL ********* Everything was working according to plan. As Owel and his colleague came in, she had played the audio file and showed them the pictures. She had also handed the file and the CDs to them after explaining the contents. The officers had been shocked but […]

Must Read: Fate(16+) Episode 24

FATE (16+) EPISODE 24 A STORY WRITTEN BY PURITYVAL ***** “Sir, there is a problem.” He said into the phone parked beside the road where he saw their car. “I lost them.” He repeated “Yes, a guy, I couldn’t see his face. He helped her escape.” “Ok, on it.” ***** Gerald paced the length of […]

Must Read: Fate (16+) Episode 23

FATE (16+) EPISODE 23 A STORY WRITTEN BY PURITYVAL ******* CLAIRE She couldn’t believe her eyes as she stared at the screen of her computer as images of Bob and Gerald searching and scattering her father’s study displayed. She’d kept asking herself some unbelievable questions but didn’t want to give the obvious answers. She was […]

Must Read: Fate(16+) Episode 22

FATE(16+) EPISODE 22 A STORY WRITTEN BY PURITYVAL BOB He was angry, confused and frustrated as he stared at the pictures spread on his table. He’d gotten a parcel from the private eye he’d hired to keep tabs on Claire and spread on his table are pictures of Claire and the guy he thought was […]

Must Read: Fate (16+) Episode 21

FATE(16+) EPISODE 21 A STORY WRITTEN BY PURITYVAL     ***** CLAIRE The familiar fragrance wafted through her nose and just as she turned trying to know who was wearing it she heard his voice. Unmistaken, it was his. Her heart thumbed hard against her ribs as she felt goose bumps cover her skin. He’d […]

Must Read: Fate(16+) Episode 20

FATE (16+) Episode 20 A STORY WRITTEN BY PURITYVAL   TWO WEEKS ON. CLAIRE It has been two weeks gone and she hasn’t heard from him. The past week had her always glued to her phone waiting for his call or message but none came. Just like she’d anticipated, Bob had brought in some security […]

Must Read: Fate (16+) Episode 19

FATE (16+) EPISODE 19 A STORY WRITTEN BY PURITYVAL CLAIRE. She laid on the bed her mind occupied with the thought of him. She had been like that from the previous night when Bob drove her home till that morning. His image as he walked out drenched in his own blood had etched on her […]

Must Read: Fate(16+) Episode 18

FATE(16+) EPISODE 18 A STORY WRITTEN BY PURITYVAL ***** SLY. ONE DAY ON. Looking around his surrounding, he couldn’t recognize where he was or what he was doing there. He saw a drip stand with drip which was attached to his body and he could feel pains all over with his arm and shoulder wrapped […]

Must Read: Fate(16+) Episode 17

FATE (16+) EPISODE 17 A STORY WRITTEN BY PURITYVAL Reaching for his gun, he ran fast around the table covering Claire who had sprang to her feet as he stood up. His movement coincided with the shots which rang through the bar throwing up confusion. He covered her in time as he felt sharp piercing […]

Must Read:Fate(16+) Episode 16

FATE(16+) Episode 16 A STORY WRITTEN BY PURITYVAL ***** BOB “I know you are going to object to this but I think it’s now obvious that we need to get you a personal guard again.” He said coming back into the room after the men from SCD left. “Not again.” She muttered with a dispassionate […]

Must Read: Fate(16+) Episode 15

FATE (16+) EPISODE 15 A STORY WRITTEN BY PURITYVAL   ****** CLAIRE. “Turn to the news.” She heard Bob say as she answered the phone. Turning the channel from Nat Geo world which is her favorite station to Channels TV with Lizzy firing her shots from where she laid on the sofa. As Channels TV […]

Must Read:Fate (16+) Episode 14

FATE (16+) EPISODE 14 A STORY WRITTEN BY PURITYVAL   ********* SLY. Name: Vince Greg. Residence: 16 Hillview Avenue. Date of Reg: 5th May, 2015………. That’s your guy. After reading the text message from Nellisa, he stood up, picked his keys and left. Driving out, he began to map out plan of action in his […]


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