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Bukky Alakara Part 25

BUKKY ALAKARA PART TWENTY-FIVE Chike knocked on the door. he was eager to see the woman his heart yearned for. He wished she followed him to Owerri for the Christmas holiday. He missed her so much. He planned to take her out that evening and ask her out. He was beyond confident that she was […]

Bukky Alakara Part 24

BUKKY ALAKARA PART TWENTY-FOUR Bukky came out of the bathroom dripping wet, a wrapper was tied around her chest, a pink shower cap covered her hair, she held her sponge-case in one hand and her bucket in the other hand. She halted when she saw Lola and Kemi standing outside. She tried to walk past […]

Bukky Alakara Part 23

BUKKY ALAKARA PART TWENTY-THREE Gbemiga sprayed perfume under his armpits. He noticed his parents’ and sisters approving stares. He grinned. He had already seen his reflection in the mirror. He looked very handsome. “Are you going to the birthday party alone?” Remi asked out of curiousity. The last time she went to his hostel to […]

Bukky Alakara Part 22

BUKKY ALAKARA PART  TWENTY-TWO Kike and her niece returned from church and met Gbemiga and his family seated outside the house playing a game of Ludo. Bukky was surprised to see her ex. She didn’t know that he was back home from school. She and her aunt greeted them and went in. She noticed the […]

Bukky Alakara Part 21

BUKKY  ALAKARA PART TWENTY-ONE Gbemiga sat on his bed in his off campus hostel, pondering over his life. His grades at school were okay, but, his relationship with God had gone downhill. He didn’t even recognize himself anymore. He had been lured back to his old habits since he broke up with his ex-girlfriend. He […]

Bukky Alakara Part 20

BUKKY ALAKARA A STORY WRITTEN BY SERAH IYARE PART TWENTY   Chike returned to Lagos mid-September. His school had already resumed and he was now in his fourth year. The thought that he would be graduating the following year made him very happy. He made a lot of money while working for his uncle during […]

Bukky Alakara Part 18

BUKKY ALAKARA A STORY WRITTEN BY SERAH IYARE PART EIGHTEEN   Gbemiga returned home for the long holiday. His family were very happy that he would be in his second year by the next session. When he was able to get away from them, he searched for his girlfriend. He was eager to see her. […]

Bukky Alakara Part 17

BUKKY ALAKARA A STORY WRITTEN BY SERAH IYARE PART SEVENTEEN   Bukky instructed her sales girls on how to sell the bean cake, bread and corn pap. She had just increased the prices of her wares and her customers were already complaining. It wasn’t her fault. Everyone knew how hard things had become in the […]

Bukky Alakara Part 16

BUKKY ALAKARA A STORY WRITTEN BY SERAH IYARE PART SIXTEEN   Chike walked down the street. He thought of taking a cold shower once he got home. It had been a tiring day at school. The second semester had just begun and the lecturers were already intimidating them with stressful assignments and group projects. He […]

Bukky Alakara Part 15

BUKKY ALAKARA A STORY WRITTEN BY SERAH IYARE PART FIFTEEN   Bukky went to the back of the building to switch off the generator. The electric power had just been restored in the area. Many people had been running alternative current for three days straight. It was pathetic that the electric power authourity in the […]

Bukky Alakara Part 14

BUKKY ALAKARA A STORY WRITTEN BY SERAH IYARE PART  FOURTEEN Chike beamed when he saw her. He stepped back into the apartment and let her in. “I came to say thank you,” she walked in bearing a large basket. “Interesting,” he closed the door and locked it. She carried the basket into the kitchen and […]

Bukky Alakara Part 13

BUKKY ALAKARA A STORY WRITTEN BY SERAH IYARE PART THIRTEEN Bukky breathed out heavily. The two big heavy Bagco bags she was carrying made it difficult for her to walk. She wished she had taken a bike at the junction. The distance between her house and the bus-stop was short, but, the load she was […]


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