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Bed Sheet Last Episode

BED SHEETS  EPISODE 12 A STORY WRITTEN BY BABYNAA       I felt the heat of the urine as it ran down in between my thighs down to my feet, my body was vibrating as if i’ve been electrocuted. The cold hands of fear grip my heart and the feeling has been channelled through […]

Bed Sheet Episode 11

BED SHEET  EPISODE 11 A STORY WRITTEN BY BABYNAA      It was past 1am and my cousin still stood in my room expecting an explanation which I wasn’t ready to give…. LIZZY: You better start talking else I will wake mom up and you know what will follow… NAA DROMOR: Ok fine I have […]

Must Read: Bed Sheet Episode 9

BED SHEET EPISODE 9 A Story Written by Baby Naa I have never felt this discomfort, nervous and confused.. From nowhere sweat trickled down from my black bushy down cut hair, through my back line into my anus, I don’t know where it ended up…I could feel heat all over my body even though the […]

Must Read: Bed Sheet Episode 8

BED SHEET EPISODE 8 A STORY WRITTEN BY BABYNAA The look in my mom’s eyes got me more nervous and shy, I couldn’t look into her eyes, I had my eyes fixed on the purple flowery coloured carpet….. MOM: Your head master called me, he told me your results have been released so I checked […]

Must Read: Bed Sheet Episode 7

BED SHEET EPISODE 7 A STORY WRITTEN BY BABYNAA The taxi stops right in front of the administration block, I took out 10 cedis from my hand bag and handed it over to the driver, I looked around the whole compound which looked quiet dusty because the school was on vacation. I pulled down my […]

Must Read: Bed Sheet Episode 4

BED SHEETS EPISODE 4 A STORY WRITTEN BY BABYNAA   I know by now you will be wondering what happened next.. There’s one thing my mom always says anytime she gets suspicious over something, she goes like ” the fastest organ on our body is our eyes”. She was right after all….! In less than […]


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