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Anike Final Episode

Anike Episode 29   (Months later) I went to Abuja after my final exams. We were both relaxing in his room on the couch after having dinner. The TV was on a music station and nice songs are been played from back to back. He was sitting while I was lying down with my head […]

Anike Episode 28

Anike Episode 28   One thing about Prince, he doesn’t like asking for favor except the one’s he merits. He’s a man of integrity, so I personally gave up. My sister looks sad though. “Prince, it’s OK you’ve tried your best. Thank God her name is the first on the waiting list” I said trying […]

Anike Episode 27

Anike Episode 27 My sister, Adekemi came visiting the following week, she was through with all her exams. She’s just at home doing nothing although shes waiting for the Navy recruitment list. So she decided to come spend time with me. Since she had the ambition of been in the force. I made sure she […]

Anike Episode 26

Anike Episode 26   I dumped my bag and keys on the couch and went into the kitchen and get myself a chilled bottle water, I deliberately didn’t ask him if he cares for water or anything. I went back into the sitting room. He was still busy scanning the room. “Nice apartment” He commended. […]

Anike Episode 25

Anike Episode 25   I opened the door and She walked in and started crying. “Anike, I’m sorry for betraying you, I shouldn’t have done what I did, not after everything you’ve done for me. Jealousy made me do it” “Jealousy! You said you can date him, then. He’s still old or is he now […]

Anike Episode 24

Anike Episode 24   I got back to my apartment, Happy wasn’t home, I went to her room but to my surprise, she had packed all her things, not even a single pin was left. The whole room was clean. Prince’s threat really scared her, so I thought. I went to my room, lay on […]

Anike Episode 23

Anike Episode 23     “Are you expecting…. The bodyguards entered before I could finish my statement Then his Governor friend, Governor Mark walked in with his security officers. “Your excellency Sir” I greeted him. “How are you Anike” He offered me a handshake and I took it. “I’m fine sir, welcome. I’m on my […]

Anike Episode 22

Anike Episode 22   I checked my screen again to be sure, If he was actually the one who called. Why was he shouting?” I asked myself. “Who was that?” My mum asked “Don’t worry Ma” I handed my food to Adekemi. I moved closer to my brother and touched his forehead, I squeezed this […]

Anike Episode 21

Anike Episode 21   Months later, 500l second semester to be precised, I discovered I was feeling itchy in between my thigh, I also felt pain, before I knew it the itching became more severe, that I had to see a doctor. I would have used Prince’s hospital in Abuja, but I didn’t plan to […]

Anike Episode 20

Anike Episode 20   The next day I set to leave for school when Happy stopped me on my way out. “Wow! Slay mama, you are looking gorgeous as ever. Who are you wearing today?” “Happy I’m not on red carpet, why all this questions nau. See I’m not in the mood” I smirked “I’m […]

Anike Episode 19

Anike Episode 19   “Well that’s Admiral Gabriel Alawode on the line” VC revealed to them. They all stood up immediately to acknowledge him. Prince continued. “I should have revoke your certificates, so you won’t be able to lecture in the four walls of any university in this country again or throw you in jail […]

Anike Episode 18

Anike Episode 18     On Monday morning, I left my apartment dressed in Versace three quarter sleeve blue blazer on a yellow sleeveless pencil dress and a matching Gucci ankle strap heels and a Marc Jacobs baguette bag. I left in my car for the School Senate building. I report to the VC office. […]


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