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Ada Episode 15

ADA Episode 15 A STORY WRITTEN BY GRACE FICTION Gibson Unknown to us, we were at the exact location where Stephen and Ada are being held captive. We had no idea where they’ll be held cause it could have been anywhere. Anyway, Andrew sent us an address which is a hotel. So basically that is […]

Ada Episode 14

Ada Episode 14 A STORY WRITTEN BY GRACE FICTION   Few hours later in the Smith’s house, Gibson I sat down on the couch in the living room with my head down, eyes closed, hands clasped in front of me, trying my best to stop myself from storming out of the house to search for […]

Ada Episode 13

Ada Episode 13 A Story Written By Grace Fiction Gibson “You’re sending me out?!” asked Jessica incredulously. “Yep” I said, popping the “p”. She stared at me, her mouth still hanging agape. This lasted a while, I was afraid saliva will begin to drop down from her mouth like a dog. “You’re not leaving” stated […]

Ada Episode 12

  Ada Episode 12 A STORY WRITTEN BY GRACE FICTION I woke up groggily to darkness, I can’t see a thing, I’m on the floor , and I think I’m in a room but I’m not certain and it feels like my left hand is cuffed to something on the wall. I can’t remember how […]

Ada Episode 11

ADA EPISODE 11 A STORY WRITTEN BY GRACE FICTION  Nancy. Ada was out of it, she couldn’t stop crying. The police took Mary in but they couldn’t question Ada. She couldn’t seem to give any statement. The school fair for us was over so we had to go home. For Kingsley to come in dressed […]

Ada Episode 10

ADA. EPISODE 10 A STORY WRITTEN BY GRACE FICTION   “I’m so sorry Ada, I’m so, so sorry, he, he…….he.. Forced me” her body jerked as she cried, then she gulped looking awful, then continued by saying, “to do it, I’m so sorry please…..” I watched her as she cried and pleaded for me to […]

Ada Episode 9

Ada Episode 9. A STORY WRITTEN BY GRACE FICTION Nancy. It’s been a busy week, with Gibson getting shot at by Kingsley, him recuperating, and then him and Ada constantly bickering, and lastly, Stephen and Nathan fighting. Yes Stephen and Nathan fought. It was brutal. Chairs broke, tables were turned over and it happened right […]

Ada Episode 8

ADA Episode 8. A STORY WRITTEN BY GRACE FICTION I drove for awhile, and ended up in Lekki beach. Parking my car on the side of the road, I got out and watched the sun set. The birds chirping, the waves clashing, and the breeze on my skin seemed to calm me down. So I […]

Ada Episode 7

Ada Episode 7 “Your what?” James asked, incredulously. “My twin brother” replied Kingsley calmly. All I did was stare at him, because I couldn’t believe a word he said. “You are Kingsley’s twin, is that what you’re saying?” asked James again. Kingsley nodded his head slowly. “I don’t believe this” said James, his voice tight […]

Ada Episode 6

ADA EPISODE 6 I stood statue still as I stared at Kingsley, his hands still on my shoulders, my heart beating ten times its normal speed, and I think I was about to hyperventilate because Kingsley said in a soothing voice (a soothing voice!) it’s so creepy for your kidnapper to talk to you in […]

Ada Episode 5

Ada Episode 5 ………………………………………………………………………………………. 3 days later. I was cleaning the kitchen humming to myself, “He’s intentional” by Travis green. Trying my best to forget the picture I saw in the small, black box. I couldn’t sleep that night, with the picture in my head; it was difficult for me to. So I distracted myself […]

Ada Episode 4

Ada Episode 4   “So you’re telling me that, that idiot, that dimwit, imbecile…….” I interrupted Becky by saying “you shouldn’t be insulting people like that” But she looked at me like I was crazy “I shouldn’t, be what…..why shouldn’t I? He kidnapped you, and then tied your hands, taped your mouth, had a gun […]


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