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“Maami, I love you Maami. Nothing in this world to be compared to you Maami. Hope you still remembered the promise I made to you before I left the village that I would come back to get you out of this misery? I hope you remembered? You do? Well now is the day to fulfill the promise Maami.”

Bori Williams stopped the imagination on his head of how he was going to announce to his mother when he finally travelled back home with his official car to the village to bring his ageing mother to the city.

Adebori Williams wasn’t born with a silver spoon but he was glad he was about to acquire one for himself. That was his motives on this Monday morning as he rushed down to his new place of work to assume his new job position. For the first time in his four years after graduation from school, Bori eventually clinched a jaw breaking job with mouth watery benefits. Apart from the grandiose apartment that tailed along the benefit, he was to be given an officiall car with a driver.

That’s the life he had dreamt off long time ago but it didn’t look like it was forthcoming especially after his graduation. Bori graduated with a first class degree in the University but of course since when has Nigeria Labour market started giving a dam about grades? One could possibly clinch the award for best student in the world and still come to Nigeria to lobby for a middling job offers. Meaning clinching ‘best student award’ doesn’t guarantee you ‘best job offer’ as far as Nigeria Labour market is concerned.

Bori had tasted the worse and worst side of life. He knew he had only managed to pass through school in sheer of luck. Considering the impoverishment eating deep in his background, Bori wouldn’t have tasted any form of western education. But his mother had struggled really hard to sponsor him through secondary school and even though she would have loved to sponsor him beyond that but an incident had claimed the woman’s right limb and impaired her two sights sending her to embrace crutches and walking cane to aid her movements. It was this misfortune that opened Adebori mindset and the need to brace himself up as a man. He’d been told by his mother that his father was dead. So Adebori had decided to face life squarely and make it worth living for him and his wimpy mother. His plan was to go to university and graduate then accquire a better job. However so far so good, the first two of the plans had already been accomplished but the the latter had proven to be difficult until this particular day.

Adebori Williams came down from the taxi and after minor haggling between him and the cab driver he paid his fare in which after the cab zoomed off. He was however get impatient of when his official car would be released to him. The management had promised him he would be getting all the fringe benefits affixed to his employment in a weeks time of resumption. Now he couldn’t wait to drive in that luxury and bring mama to the city to enjoy the moment with him.

The next five minutes that elapsed after the cab left offered Adebori another opportunity to probe for any flaws in his dressing. This is Nigeria, anything can happen. He had often heard stories about how new employees got dismissed even at the very first day of their resumption because of minor failing in their comportment. He was in good taste, his well ironed shirt and pant trouser told him so. His black necktie was knotted and fastened closely around his neck. Adebori was evenly impressed by his akube shoes that had this pointed tack like an arrow head used in fighting war. He was primed and perfect and he was sure his first day at work would be perfect too.

Immediately one of his legs touched the inside of the lounge, all eyes were hauled at him and he impressively returned them with a grin.

“Good morning Mr Adebori Williams” A female voice greeted him among the hordes that were sitted in the lounge.

Adebori stopped in his tracks and stared at her. “Good morning Miss ….” He said tapping his forehead.

“Aishat” the lady helped him out while she walked up to him.

“Yes, thanks.” He said with a faint smile.

“Sir I’m Aisha Bello, and I will be your secretary. I’ve been assigned to show you around the premises and show you to your office.” The lady said, stretching her hands to collect his bagpack.

“Oh I see.” Adebori nodded. “So here you go” He shrugged and handed over his bagpack to her and made way for her to pass.

A telephone blared out from the table nearby, disrupting the moment.

“Excuse me, I should really pick that sir. ” He said While Adebori nudged her a go-ahead look.
He watched as the lady scapered to the table to answer the caller and in not less that thirty seconds she was back to him where he was still waiting. However this time her face was lacklustre.

Adebori frowned “What happened to you?” He asked concernedly.

Aisha shook her head. “Nothing to worry about sir. ” She said with a forced smile but even the heavens knew the smile was still pseud and tainted. “The M.D would love to see you before you resume work.” She announced.

“Then let’s get to see him.” He said. Now he was overly confident because he was about to meet the bearer of good news once again. That was the second time he would be summon intooffice. The first was after the last interview he had with the same man and the man had congratulated him for being the lucky man the company had chosen to employ. He was definately going to meet his ‘bearer of good-news’

“Yes coming Mr Adenifuja Williams” A very deep impetous male voice invited him in as soon as his knock sounded on the door.

Adebori took a watchful prance into the hush office. The office screamed cozy. The type he would expect his own to be like. Big mahogany table in front of a big leather swivel chair where he would sit his ass, a drugget calming the sole of his shoe, his portrait staying close to President Gen Buhari’s on his table, with air-conditioned blowing comfort to his skull. That was the life he envisaged and he was about acquiring.

“Good morning sir.” He introduced a warn smile and expected a reciprocal.

“Sit down.” The M.D pointed at the chair in front of him and reinstated the eyes glass shielding his eyes probably. He was without smile and didn’t intend to have one on mere looking at him.

Adebori had to swallow his toothy smile when he noticed the bluntness reeking hot in his voice. He drew himself a chair and sat on it, then he allowed the stiffness in the atmosphere to dominate. Cool breeze from the air-conditioner slid through his nostril, and every available hole in his body and then into his head performing the right function of cooling his head that had started going balmy.

Truthfully, Adebori was already getting concerned. He had thought the man was ‘a good-news bearer’ but with the way the man was staring at him now, his feet was turning hailstone. The M.D’s face was neither smiling nor frowning. Instead it held a weird look. A weird facial expression that could only be found in a hungry lion that just got is prey trapped.

“Sir you..you.. You sent for me.” That was a stutter from him. He was amazed of how his mouth was able to open and pronounce such words. If going by orders from his head, his mouth was supposed to be sealed shut. Just like suspects about to be arrested are always being dashed this common but austere warning ‘whatever you say or do might be used against you in the court of law’ so was his head was screaming the same warning to his mouth but unfortunately his mouth disobeyed.

The M.D scoffed at the announcement and then buried his face on the laptop in front of him.

“Thanks for the reminder. I’m not that dumb you know? I still remember I sent for you.” The man said, and accompanied it by twitching his pointed nose. It was this time Adebori saw how fugly his prospective boss was with his face that shared the same oblong shape with his akube shoe. His mouth was pointed like the tack of the same shoe while his pointed nose was elongated enough to smell the whole world.

The M.D was a middle aged man of 53 years old. But his physical appearance would give him up for an older version of himself. He was very dark in complexion. Darker than the darkest thing in the world. He had the appearance of a typical elderly man who depends on crook to walk. His face was strewn with thick grey stubbles and his head was littered with thick grey hair. All he needed was a red and white suit, then a glove to mistake him for Santa Claus.

Beyond all these physical attributes, M.D still shared one quirk attribute with the late biblical King Solomon. Yes! He had massive reputation for womanizing. He didn’t mind sticking his thing on any hole so far the whole was between two legs Counting the girls he already had sex with is like engaging in another population census. Even though M.D is married, his desire for sex could not be satiated only by his wife. One of his new catch that he was so desperate to get a taste of had actually assigned him a job he needed to execute. And it was so unfortunate that person who would be on the victim of said assignment was no other person than the sitting right in front him now.

“I’m sorry sir.” Adebori begged, as he intertwined his hands together and stared sightlessly at nothing in particular.

“Sorry for yourself.” He groaned.

Adebori wondered if at first day of his work he had already started having problem with his prospective boss, how long could he hold up before his patience was blown out of proportion. Worst still he had been employed as the Assistant Managing Director. Meaning he would always be working closely with him. Well it was high time he put all those morals maami had always cooed into his ears from toddler into display. ‘Patience, tolerance, gentleness, long-suffering, love and any other fruit of the spirit in the Bible.’ He promised himself not to be unnerved by this irksome boss of his even though coping with him was beginning to look tedious like a job itself. However patience is virtue is what Maami always preached–and now was the time to employ the virtue.

“Mr Adebori Adenifuja Williams.” His prospective boss throaty voice snatched him from riverie.

“Yes yes sir.” A reply snucked out from his lips to his boss who didn’t even bother raising his head from his computer. How really insignificant he must really appeared to him compared to what he was engrossed with inside the computer.

“Hope you’re good?” He asked, maintaining his eyes on what he was doing.

“Heck No! I why would I be good when I’m on hot seat with you right now.” Adebori almost yelled but he cautioned his mouth this time. And thankfully, the mouth obeyed him.

“I’m trying to. Let’s just say I’m a bit nervous here.” his voice sounded more in a wispy confirming what he said was true. He was indeed nervous.

The middle aged man in front of him nodded to his reply. Still not facing him. Perhaps he intentionally maintained his face on the computer in facade to make him think he was busy. Or maybe he was trying to avoid him or better still he was just trying to stew him.

The man later raised his eye to meet Adebori’s. A deep frown covered his dark Santa clause face as he squinted his eyes as if searching something out of him. He cleared his throat and started.

“I’m sorry to announce this to you Mr Adenifuja Adebori Williams,” He paused and continued “a very important but impromptu decision was taken some few days ago. The management observed the process of your employement some few days back we realized you don’t really fit into the type of job you’re employed for. So the management has reached a conclusion to retrieve your employement and dismiss you with immediate effect. The management is so sorry for any inconveniency this impromptu decision must have caused on you.” He finished talking and slammed a grin at him.

Ade must have left his mouth opened for close to decades but didn’t realise that until spittle crawled from his mouth and wetted his shirt. He was drooling already. So all his fantansies of bringing maami from the village to enjoy the moment with him was definitely slipping away into the drain again. Just when he thought he was on the verge of porting away from his misery, life hauled another milestone on his route.

Adebori picked up his backpack and assembled a smile on his lips enough to tell himself that ‘all is well.’ He would have to call Maami and tell her to be patient with him because he was definitely still coming back to make her smile. He was till coming back to be the boy she groomed to look up to. He was coming to be the fruit of her labour.

On getting outside the premises in his gloomy state. He was about to call a cab when he noticed someone walked towards him. First it was the beautiful pairs of legs that attracted him and that made him raise his head to look at the carrier of such beautiful legs.

Stephanie Del Valle was known to have won the beauty peagent for the most beautiful girl in the world in the year 2016. But the lady standing in front of him now had a beauty that would make Stephanie Del Valle jealous and the organisers that crowned her MBGW to look like petty little liars.

“Hello Bori.” The pretty unknown lady greeted him.

Immediately Adebori left the M.D’s office, a gratified smile mounted his face as he picked up his mobile phone and dialed a number. He was done with his assignment so definitely he should have his paycheck.

“Hello, I’ve executed our plan. He has just been dismissed of the job.” He took a glance at his wristwatch. “So I will love us to meet by 8pm prompt. Let’s meet at Vannila Hotel and Suit. Remember our agreement? You have to come without your pant on”

Story continues. .

This story is a work of a fiction. All characters in this book have no

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This story is a work of a fiction. All characters in this book have no
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