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Alantere Episode 1

This story is a work of a fiction. All characters in this book have no existence outside the imagination of the author and have no relation or whatsoever to anyone bearing the same name or names. They are not even distantly
inspired by any individual known or unknown to the author, and all incidents are
pure invention.

©2017 by Temiloluwa Kenny

All right reserved. Except for use in review, the reproduction or utilization of this work in whole or in part in any form by any electronic, mechanical or other means, now known or hereafter invented, including xerography, photocopying and recording, or in any information storage or retrieval, is forbidden without the written permission of the author, Anthony Temiloluwa Kenny,


saintkenzwrites@yahoo.com temilolukenny@ymail.com





Ademuyiwa looked at the nozzle of the revolver pointing squarely at his face and slick grime of fears responded in his mind.
He tried to duck his head from the point the gun was facing but Go-slow reinstated his position of his gun on him.

If there was anything Muyiwa hated, it was gun–if there was something else he hated more, it was still gun. Well, who wouldn’t hate guns? Guns and is magic. Only a retard would fail to realize the mickle magical of what guns can perform. For it can divorce a medulla oblongata from the skull; separate a head from the neck, and snatch the heart from the body. Yes, those are the wonders of gun–and Muyiwa knew that if he wasn’t careful, perhaps his own head would be the next victim to taste such magic.

“Oga Ade, listen to me very very well.” Go-slow’s guttural voice beckoned; still holding the gun at his face. “I’m not here for child’s play.” he said.

Ademuyiwa nodded like a typical lasertid lizard and murmured;

“Ye Yeah yessir. I’m listening to you si..ir. ” He faltered. Obviously being controlled by one of the magic of gun.

“Today, you got a contract from Monteda group of companies. I don’t care about the contract and I’m not concerned about how you will execute the contract. All I’m concerned about now is the seven million naira you are being giving to execute the contract. The accountant asked you if you would love your pay in a check or cash, you insisted on colleting the cash, then the money was packaged to you in brand new leather bag. You collected it and immediately made for your vehicle. You didn’t branch anywhere, so there was no way you would have disposed the money anywhere else. Now I, Go-slow and my friend here want to collect the exact money they gave you to execute the project.” The thief finished talking, while Ademuyiwa Davies passed a muffled groan.

It was now dawned on him that he had been attacked by a very notorious armed robber called Go-slow. The armed rubber that had repute for instilling fear in the minds of the inhabitant of Abeokuta. Go-slow wasn’t an illiterate, hence the reason for his fluent command of English Language. He communicated mostly in English with his victims –but in situation where his victim was an illiterate, then he would be force to dilute his English with pidging. Mere hearing of ‘go’ would make hordes of legs scarper for safety before pronouncing ‘slow’. Go-slow was known to be brutal and brute but yet, his handsomeness was patent to everyone. He had this round face that gleamed exquisiteness and perhaps made him look like he didn’t fit to be a criminal at all. He was tall too–with height that could possibly pass him for Goliath. So his cute face coupled with his Godzilla height had always made matured ladies and fille lust after him. Even some would drool especially when he introduced a scowl on his face. To him it was a moue he wore whenever he chose to remind anyone around that he was still dangerous and deadly, however some mulish minds among the female species had always thought the moue face was part of his sexy features. They drool whenever they saw his cute face patted into grimace. Sexy grimace, they always tattled.

“Oga Ade you are delaying me or do you want one of your daughter to taste one of the bullet inside this gun before you answer me?” Go-slow threatened, while he lurched to drag a young girl that was lying close to his father. He was now pointing the gun at the girl’s head while he held her blouse roughly.

Ademuyiwa seeing that jostled up in fear. It was true he hated gun being pointed at his head but now that the gun had be transferred to his daughter’s head, that was more way terrifying to him compared to his head. He loved his daughter so much that he could take a bullet straight through his brain for his only daughter.

“Please I will get you the money just let her go. Please.” Ademuyiwa pleaded, pointing at his daughter. Tons of fear peeked out of his voice as he talked. Even though he was previously in dilemma of either giving out the money to the two thieves afore or restraining it from them, but now that his daughter’s head was about gulping a bullet, he definitely knew well he had to make a choice–and the choice was to release the money and save his daughter.

A virulent chuckle chandelled Go-slow’s lips as he nodded at Muyiwa’s decision. “Nice choice you made Oga Ade.” He remarked and turned to face his second who they both came together.

“Esu, oya follow am make you go collect our money from am.” He said with a tone of command. The punk also nodded and pushed Ademuyiwa up to his feet roughly before dragging him to the way.

Go-slow had perused carefully before choosing his partner in his thievery business. Nobody could be better than Esu. Just as his name spelt, the man looked like a devil indeed–an applaud to the person that coined his sobriquet as ‘Esu’. He was so ugly to the point that devil himself would loose to him in any ugly contest making him jealous of Esu. He was the exact opposite of Go-slow. While Go-slow was gracefully handsome and beautiful, Esu was gracefully ugly. To the little children and toddlers, his face would always appear like ‘Ojuju calabar’, frightening children away like a bogeyman. Esu had more enemies than Nigerian musician Wizkid, has fans.

Esu was a jailbird who already had secured permanent apartment in Kirikiri cell. He was actually on a temporary freedom when Go-slow accosted him and hired him as an armed robber. Esu, even though he was cruel and bloody, he had never stolen before. So many times he was jailed it was due to many of his street fights where he would have stabbed the opponent. Nothingness often time he had beaten the rap he was always caught by the long hands of law. However, when Go-slow approached him, he was on his one of his temporary freedom outside jail. The chap had successfully changed his mindset. Go-slow had cozen him by telling him he was wasting his talent on something unproductive like fighting that always ended him in jail. Go-slow told him he was talented, but then of what use was his talent if he couldn’t make money out of it. That was an eye-opener for Esu as he decided to join Go-slow and so far so good, Esu was extremely happy and grateful to him for bring him into larceny.

“Boss, na the money be this. You fit confirm am.” Esu informed as he dropped a thick leather bag on the tiled floor.

Go-slow quickly relinquished his hold on the girl he had been holding and made to check the bag. A wicked smile pulsated on his lips on seeing the crisp naira notes piled together in bundles. They were seven million naira richer. Then he made a head gesture to Esu for them to vacate the premises in which he quickly understood. But on getting to the doorway that led to outside of the room, Go-slow stopped abruptly and casted an ogling stare at the young girl he held before. The young girl was lying supinely on the ground, with her eyes closed while she was still jittering out of fear of their assailants. Unbeknownst to her, the short skirt she wore had folded up revealing large chunk of her smooth laps covered with fresh flesh. Even her crotch area that was covered with her pant was vivid to Go-slow at longer stare. He smiled wickedly.

“Boss wetin happen na ? Wetin you dey look ?” Esu exclaimed in slightly peeved tone.

Go-slow turned to face him still maintaining his sadistic grin. “I want to feed my thing.” He said and touched the bulge on his trouser. His phallus was getting furious.

Esu looked down to see the zipper of Go-slow’s trouser bulging out of proportion; then he knew what his boss wanted to do. He wanted to have a canal taste of the young girl. He raised his eyebrows and winked at him. He wished to laugh but he couldn’t. Esu wouldn’t dare to laugh because he knew his mouth always looked like a crying old man whenever he attempted laughing.

“Hmmm boss boss, I no know say you sev dey see am, me sev dey look am since morning oo.” He passed a light jest pointing at the frightening girl who was by now aware of what was about to happen.


“Yes boss.” He replied.


“Yes boss.”

“Esu oooo.” Go-slow called the third time.

“Boss ooo.”

“Na only me get this one, forget am o. No put mind for there at all.” Go-slow warned.

Esu nodded smugly. “Okay boss.” He said.

Go-slow unhooked his belt and made to carry the girl hastily to a room. Ademuyiwa couldn’t take that so he decided to stand up to fight the hoodlums but he was sent back sprawling when Esu pointed his gun at his head. Ademuyiwa mellowed.

Go-slow entered a sparsely neat room and found a neat bed inside it. He quickly dropped the girl on bed and set to work. He climbed on the girl, pushed her short skirt upward and tore her pant. The girl didn’t struggle with him instead she covered her face with the back of her left hand. The thief had expected a wild struggle and some galling scream from the girl but was surprised when none came from the girl except that he could see she was very nervous when she eventually covered her face, Go-slow almost thaw.

The first thrust inside the girl brought along a moanful scream from her but the rapist didn’t care to listen to the ringtone. He continued thrusting till he felt like erupting but the bliss emanating from the girl’s cunt was so much that he couldn’t withdraw. So he poured everything while the girl also heaved his hips forward to take all the dose.

After he was done he hastily stood up, packaged his phallus back to is home, zipped up and fastened his belt. He was about to leave when the girl stopped him by holding his hands.

Go-slow looked at her and then his eyes fell on a red stain smirching the whiteness of the bedsheet. His face creased in surprise while his eyeballs almost popped out from the socket. He wasn’t going loony–he assured himself. But he was utterly surprised by what he was seeing.

He sat on the bed beside the young girl.

“Are you a virgin?” He asked, pointing his finger at the blood stain.

The young girl again covered her face. “Yes” she nodded.

Go-slow heaved a heavy sigh. His face curled into a sincere ruefulness. At the spot he felt a kind of feeling he had never felt.

“And why did you allow me to this with you?” He asked and almost immediately regretted ever asking such a dumb question. It was a dumb question because what they just had wasn’t consensual. It was rape!

“Would you have allowed me to go if I told you?” The girl replied.

That was true. His flagitious mind wouldn’t have stopped even if the girl had protested. He was on hell racer to satisfy his malefic phallus. Now that the deed was done he seemed entangled by the aftermath.

“What’s your name?” He asked the girl.

“Adesewa.” The young girl replied, still covering her eyes with the back of hands.

“Adesewa, I’m so sorry.” Go-slow said in an pure penance tone. He was definitely feeling remorseful this time and what marvelled him was why. He was meant to be notorious and brutal. Not to be bothered with the fickle thing called emotion. But now he felt he was under a force that was coercing him to feel the way he was feeling.

“You don’t have to be. I like it. I love you.” The lady said albeit whisperingly.

The statement was like a bombshell detonotaing his eardrum while sinking down his touchie side into hades. For a moment he felt he was no more the dangerous element causing terror on people’s life by snarfing away their belongings.

“No you can’t love me. I’m a freaking thief. I’m a criminal.” He said with a frown face shaking his head in such a way that depicted he was trying to debunk whatever he thing he was feeling. The feeling that that seemed shrouded in something called love.

Adesewa scoffed. “I know but I still love you!” She said again.

His lips parted to let out a respond, but was sealed shut by scuffle from outside the room. A loud noise penetrated inside the room him and the lady was. He quickly picked up his revolver, ignoring Adesewa and then made to exit the room. He was close to the doorway when the door bursted opened and six policemen quickly dispersed inside the room with everyone of them pointing there weapons at him. The room was instantly soaked with tension. Go-slow was aghast!

“Go-slow or whatever you call your name you’re hereby under arrest. You are advised to surrender your weapon or you will be forced to do that now. Remember, there are backups everywhere.” A blurred croaky voice warned him, but it was useless because Go-slow looked undeterred. His face was pulsating anger. He held tightly to his revolver with his two hands, brandishing the weapon accross the faces of the policemen. He was ready to bite the dust.

“For the last time, you’re advised to drop your weapon young man or else you’ll be forced to drop it now!” Another stormed warned trolled out but Go-slow intensified his hold on his weapon.

The policemen seeing that the culprit was not ready to surrender for arrest, they signalled to themselves and they conked their weapons to release the trigger. Go-slow seeing this knew definitely well his end was drawing nearer. But he wasnt prepared to go down alone neither was he prepared to surrender. He was totally fearless. He cast a short glance at half clad lady on the bed.

“Adesewa, I.I.I Love you too.” He said uncontrollably as a mixed feelings of emotion and anger clouded his face.

“Poow! Poow!! Poow!!!” Three shots reverberated and afterwards the room was plunked into sooty smoke. A throbbing groan escaped into air. Somebody slumbed down and died!

Story continues…


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