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Afraid to love Episode 18

Afraid to love 

Episode 18



The air conditioner was on, yet perspiration formed on his face and arms. Jeremy shifted uncomfortably on the dining chair he rested on. He dressed casually, a denim jean and a t-shirt. He covered his legs with Converse sneakers.

He laid his two hands on the table as he waited for the arrival of Purity. He had promised Aaron Theodore that he’ll handle Purity. Before that, he had to know if she was aware of the divorce he was going to file for, a year after the marriage. It was not going to be an easy conversation. He silently prayed for things to go well.

As his eyes continued to rove around the restaurant, it fell on a lady’s leg. Her feet were decorated with heeled sandals, from her hips down, a blue denim jean, her body, a black lose top. Her smile was sexy. She sent it to him and gracefully walked over to the table. She sat down.

Jeremy didn’t smile back, neither did her look happy to see her. He examined her. By the time she was relaxed, he shot her a-no-apology-look. She immediately understood.

“I’m sorry I kept you waiting. I had things to do at home.” She was in a very good mood. Didn’t want a fight. “How are you?” She grinned.

Jeremy’s heartbeat increased. He couldn’t respond. The attractive young woman that sat in front of him made him lose his sanity. She was so so stunning. She was driving him crazy. At that moment, he wanted her all to himself. He actually forgot the reason why he had wanted to talk to her. He returned her smile in an amusing way.

“Jeremy are you okay?” Purity couldn’t understand why he was so quiet, acting strange and smiling like he was crazy.

What the hell is wrong? Why am I acting so stupid? I have always been composed when I’m with a lady, why is this different? I am fidgeting, so unusual. He used a hand to wipe his forehead. “I-I am okay.”

Purity looked at him thoroughly. She wasn’t convinced. “Are you sure?”

He nodded.

“If you say so.”

Now, Jeremy, do it. Ask her about the divorce. “Do-?”

“You want to order something?” a young, beautiful blonde girl cut in.

Jeremy and Purity exchanged glances.

“You want to order?” they asked in unison.

They smiled at that.

“Just a bottle of champagne would do.”

The waitress left them.

“Papa said you wanted to speak to me. About what?”

“So many things.” He was beginning to get himself back.

“Really?” She crossed her legs. “Well, lets begin.”

Jeremy had seen that she was happy. One could tell easily. For once, she didn’t decline or abuse him, she was just okay and delighted. Why did she feel that way? He wanted to know. He’d never forgive himself if he made her sad tonight. What if she knew nothing? He had to let that pass.

“Why are you so happy?”

So, he finally noticed. She giggled. “I don’t know, I’m just happy.”


The waitress returned with a bottle of champagne and two glasses on a tray. She dropped them and left.

“The name for the new company JP, its cool. Do you like it.” she asked shyly.

Jeremy opened the bottle and filled their glasses. “Look at me. My eyes.” he emphasized the last phrase.

Purity did so. She locked her eyes to his. After several minutes which seemed like forever, she looked away. Her hands were unsteady.

“I did not ask you to look away.” Jeremy was unimpressed.

“I can’t do it. I just can’t.”

“Don’t you go on business dates?”

“I do. Its totally different from this.”

He emptied his glass in one gulp. “Why don’t you go out? Do you have any friends?”

“I am very happy on my own. I have no friends. Just you.”

“Are you scared of women too?”

She sipped her wine. “I am not. I keep them at a distance.”

“Why did you choose this kind of life?”

She smiled. “Reasons best known to me. Aren’t you happy I’m here?”

I’d get to know them soon. He smiled back. “Sure, I am.”

“Tell me about you.” she requested.


“There’s nothing much to say.” He wiped his mouth using a servet.

“I doubt it. Come on. Who’s being shy now?”

Jeremy laughed heartily. “What exactly?”

“Um,” She glanced at the ceiling of the restaurant and then at Jeremy. “Your previous relationships, if you want me to know.” She wasn’t sure if she had done the right thing. She was really curious about the woman he had dated. She might want to be like them so he’ll like her.

He grinned and cleared this throat. “It began like this. . . . .”
The stars filled the night sky. The moon was full. The lights produced by the electric bulbs of the restaurant and street lights gave beauty to the surrounding. It was a very unusual night. People flooded the street as well as the restaurant. Was as if there was a national festival, but nothing like it.


Jeremy took Purity by the hand as he pushed through the crowd. Finally, they made it. They got to Purity’s car, she unlocked it and slid into the driver’s seat. Tho door was still open and Jeremy held it.

“Are you not going home.”

“Nope. Still got some unfinished business to do.”

“And you’re not going to tell me about it?”

He shook his head. “Till I’m done.”

“Its alright. Thanks for tonight. It was- was…”

“Special?” he found the right word for her.

She nodded. “Yeah. Special.”

“I really want to drive you home.”

“I do understand. Good night.”

“Be careful. Drive safely.”

“I’m not a baby. I know what to do.”

He shut the door and watched her drive off. “You will soon be my baby.”
He put his hands in his pocket and walked to his car. He got in and drove off.
“Who’s out there?” Purity questioned the security guard as she slid out of her wheels. She noticed him checking the gate, as if seeing someone.

“I’m not sure. I think there is.” The guard replied still peeping through the gate.

She walked up to him. Has some one followed me home? She thought to herself.
“Open the gate.” She instructed.

The guard complied.
As he pushed the gates open, he and Purity caught sight of a man, few meters away from the gate.

Purity was stunned. A man outside her father’s building this late? It couldn’t be Jeremy. He had followed her or was just looking for someone? Perhaps, he was lost, got the wrong house number. He might also be a criminal, a murderer, an armed robber, name it. Her heart began pounding fiercely against her chest. Her lips quivered, she was frightened. She quickly glanced at the guard, he stood still, probably waiting for more orders from her. She wasn’t alone and wasn’t going to show her inner fears in the presence of her security. She braced herself, pulled her cell phone from her purse and shuffled to meet this unknown man. She didn’t go close to him. She stood at a considerable distance. “Who are you?” She asked, trying to sound courageous.

The unknown man made to leave.

“Stop right there!” She ordered, “If you move, I’ll call 911.” she began punching the figures on her cell, her eyes still fixed on him.

The security guard, moved towards her to support her. “She’s not alone, two against one.”

The unknown guy swiftly turned to face them.

She could see his face. Those brown eyes. Why did they look so familiar?

His lips moved.
“There’s no need to call the cops. I’m actually searching for someone.”

The voice- it sounded strangely familiar. She’d definitely heard it before, but where? Who was he? She had to find out.
“May I know who you’re searching for? I could be of help.” She requested.

He grinned.

That was also familiar.

“Don’t know her real name. But have you heard of anyone called Melisa or who once called her self that?”

Her lips quivered. She sputtered. “M-Melisa?” She tried to laugh it off. “I don’t think there’s anyone by that name. I don’t know of any.” She denied. “Do you, Peter?”

The guard shook his head.

“I better be on my way.” he turned to leave.

“Wait.” She stopped him. “Why are you searching for this ‘Melisa’?”

He faced her again and smirked. “Reasons best known to me. Why are you curious about that?”

“Um… I…,” She was short of words at that instant. Carefully, she searched for the right words. “I might come across her someday, will want to help you find out. Of course, if its not for something evil.”

A smile played on his lips. “Thanks for that. Whenever you come across her, let her know it was Ernest,” he really stressed his name, “She’ll know instantly.”

Purity wasn’t comfortable being with this man- Ernest. She nodded and turned to leave with Peter.

He stopped her. “What’s yours?”

“I don’t give my name to strangers.” she replied without looking back. She resumed her walk with Peter into the compound. As they got into it, Peter closed and locked the gates while she marched into the house. She fidgeted while doing so.


To be continued…….

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