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“Good morning,” Heather greeted Purity as she stepped into her office.

“Morning, Heather,” Purity replied cheerfully.

Heather noticed her boss was dressed in a casual wear- a denim jean and long sleeve shirt. Was this the Purity she knew?

“Any updates?” Purity asked absent-mindly. She found herself thinking of Jeremy. Looking forward to having a great evening with him. He was different. She’d actually spent the night in his room, on his great bed. He slept on on of the guest rooms. He insisted she slept in his room. Called her parents to know she’d be sleeping over. The morning came, they had a wonderful breakfast prepared by Jeremy himself. She saw herself fitting into the family. She really longed to be there, a part of them. She was starting to love Edwin Broderick. The clothes she actually wore to the office belonged to Jeremy’s mom. They had persuaded her to wear it and she had given in.

“Um… Yeah. The financial problems we’re passing through is almost over. The Broderick’s decided to help us. Within two weeks, they’d be merging. You’ll be working directly under J. Broderick. The company’s CEO. There’s going to be a meeting this afternoon to discuss the other details. You have to be there.” Heather concluded.

They finally saved us. They hadn’t married yet. Her father was right. It wasn’t all about the company, but the marriage. She hoped never to let him down. She’d be working directly under Jeremy? If she would be married to him, she’d resign and look for a job elsewhere. With Jeremy in her work place, she’d never concentrate. She’d now have a boss- for the first time.
“Thanks. About the meeting this afternoon, I won’t be around. I’ll call my papa, he’ll handle it.” She had many things on her mind.

“Miss,” Heather called to her. “Did you just thank me?”

“I did?” She had. She’d learnt to thank people the hard way. “Oh, yeah. Its nothing.”

“Okay. J. Broderick, isn’t he the Jeremy that was here yesterday? Said he was your fiance?”

Purity glared at her. “How many people have you told?”

“No one.”

“Good. Keep your mouth shut. Not a word of this to anyone.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Purity smiled. “Have a nice day, Heather.”

Purity walked out of the building and was headed to the parking lot. Someone accidentally bumped into her.

“Watch it, bitch!” the woman screamed at her.

“Excuse me? You are the one who’s supposed to watch your steps. You bumped into me!” Purity yelled.

The woman eyed her. Her green eyes sternly glowering at her. She was dressed in a mini gown, it exposed her cleavage as well as other parts of her body. Her feet were covered with Wellington boots. Her dark hair flying as the wind caressed her face.
“You lack manners,” she muttered.

Purity flushed with anger. She slapped the woman standing before her. “That’s to show you that I really do lack manners.”

The woman’s face turned red. She tried to slap Purity. Purity was fast, she caught her hand mid-air. “I am Purity Theodore. No one crosses my path and gets away free.”

“So this is you?” the woman questioned. “This bitch, you?” she tried attacking Purity.

The security guards that had been observing the show caught the strange woman. Stopping her from attacking their boss. Two of them held her firmly, placing her hands to her back. She struggled, but couldn’t free herself.

Purity smirked to herself, triumphantly. “Do any of you know this slut?”


The looked at each other and shook their heads.

“I don’t know her either. Listen to me you whore, I don’t know who you are neither do I care to. I want you to leave this premises and never come back if you don’t want to spend the rest of your reading life in jail. I’m sure its hell already. Looks like your lover stood you up.” She dug out her new cell phone from the purse she carried. She took a picture of this strange lady. “I don’t know why I’m doing this, but I have a feeling it’ll have a good result. Throw this prostitute out of my company!”

She turned and walked majestically to her car. She sat in the driver’s seat as she got into it. Using the rear view mirror, she could see what was happening to that woman. One of the guards carried her out, she kept fighting within his grip, pounding his back. The other took her bag and other items that where on the floor and followed the other guard taking her out. While she’d been talking to the lady, she’d been receiving angry stares from her. Who was she? Why had she not apologised after she’d bumped into her? Where the hell do she come from? Was she actually looking for her? Only the bitch could answer these questions. For a moment, she was scared of her. No one had ever confronted her that way. The way she looked at her, was as if the woman had known her and had lots of scores to settle with her.
She kept watching as she was thrown outside the company. She started her car. Shifting the gear to reverse, the XC60 moved under her command. When she was done with reversing, she shifted the gear to drive and headed to the gate of the premises. She honked and the gate was opened for her. On getting out, she almost hit a woman. Fortunately, she was quick with her brakes and the woman ran to the side of the vehicle. Purity was about to lash this woman with unfriendly words. She turned to her, ah, she was familiar, this same woman who had created a scene minutes ago at her company. Purity didn’t say anything, she kept on looking at her. The lady returned her gaze with glaring eyes. Those eyes had no feelings or sympathy or human emotions in them. They were just black. Purity wondered who this woman was and why she’d been staring at her with such eyes. But right now, she didn’t care. Giving her a cold stare, the woman removed her eyes from Purity’s and scurried away.
Purity felt she had won. She smiled to herself and drove off.
“What are you doing here?” Jeremy asked Tricia as she stepped into his office.
She ignored him. Threw her things on the mohagony desk and settled on a chair facing Jeremy. As she sat, she crossed her legs.

Jeremy quietly watched her settle down. He was tapping his fountain pen on the desk, examining her.
“Aren’t you going to give me an answer? And have I not warned you not to dress like this to visit me?”

She scoffed. “Listen to me. I’m not your girlfriend anymore. I can dress anyhow I want to.”

“Right. But,” he raised his brows. “You’re still coming to visit me, so watch the way you dress.” he warned.


“I can’t believe you’re talking to me like this. What went wrong? I don’t understand.”

He frowned. “State your business.”

“Don’t try to act formal with me,” she had begun to raise her voice. “I’m here to see you and talk with you. I demand an explanation. Why did you break up with me?”

Jeremy was amazed. What the hell is this bitch talking about? He gave a throaty laugh. “From what I can remember, you ended the relationship. Your exact words, I can still recall; ‘Jeremy Broderick. Its over between us, I hate you and will hate you for the rest of my life. I never want to be seen around you.’ Am I correct?”

“That was then. I didn’t mean it. I want you back.”

“Well,” he snorted, “Its too late. I told you I am engaged, didn’t I?”

She swallowed. “Few days after the break up you’re already having a fiancee? You were in a hurry to get rid of me?”

“That wasn’t what exactly happened.”

“Oh, yeah.” she straightened her legs. “I don’t really want to know. Do you know how much I love you? How much I really want to be with you?”

“Tricia, I do not know. Honestly, I don’t think I want to know. Please, stop all that.”

Tricia got up, placed both hands on the desk and looked affectionately at him. “I know you still love me. And I love you too.”

“Hell, no. I don’t!” he blurted.

“You don’t? Never, didn’t?”


She began shedding tears. Placed her right hand on her hair and drew it back.


To be continued……………..

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