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Real Suspect Episode 29

THE REAL SUSPECT (Guess Who??) SEASON 1 EPISODE 29 : :ÊMMY – OKEKE :08134006619 ** **THE NEXT DAY** ”Musa, how are you??” Richard asked Musa immediately he opened the complex gate for Officer Richard and Delight. Musa looked at him twice before replying ”I dey fine Sir” Musa replied ”This one una come this early, […]

Real Suspect Episode 27

THE REAL SUSPECT (Guess Who??) SEASON 1 EPISODE 27 : :EMMY – OKEKE :08134006619 ** ”Good Morning Chief” Richard greeted Mr. Ayodele as he and Delight were both in black suit like Secret agents. ”Good Morning officers, please do sit down” Ayodele said ”Thank You Sir” They appreciated and sat down ”What can I offer […]

Real Suspect Episode 25

THE REAL SUSPECT (Guess Who??) SEASON 1 EPISODE 25 : :EMMY – OKEKE :08134006619 ** Clara starred at Delight for a very long time ”I’m talking to you Lady” Delight siad hitting her hands on the table ”Sorry, I remembered something” Clara said ”What is that??” Delight asked ”I think the best person that is […]

Real Suspect Episode 24

THE REAL SUSPECT (Guess Who??) SEASON 1 EPISODE 24 : :EMMY – OKEKE :08134006619 ** **POLICE INTERROGATION ROOM** ”Good day Madam” Richard greeted Mrs. Kole who was dressed in an all white dress showing that she is mourning her husband ”Good day Officer” Mrs. Kole replied ”I still don’t yet know why you brought me […]

Real Suspect Episode 23

THE REAL SUSPECT (Guess Who??) SEASON 1 EPISODE 23 : :EMMY – OKEKE :08134006619 ** **AT THE COMPLEX** Inspector Richard walked into the complex that beautiful morning. The complex was quiet and calm. He met Abigail who carried a bucket of water and a mop ”Good Morning dear” Richard greeted ”arrh! Good Morning Inspector” Abigail […]

Real Suspect Episode 19

THE REAL SUSPECT (Celebrities Complex) SEASON 1 EPISODE 19 : :EMMY – OKEKE :08134006619 ** **NEXT DAY** ”Why did you quarrel with Natasha?” Mr. Kole asked Anita who stood before him looking a bit angry ”I guess that question should be referred to Natasha” Anita said pointing at Natasha who stood besides her ”How dare […]


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