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Must Read: Romoke Last Part

ROMOKE PART 27 (LAST PART) A STORY WRITTEN BY SWANKMEE   Romoke smiled as she relaxed on her husband’s chest, they were in Boston in the United States. They had relocated immediately after their wedding. She remembered when they went to the village for her wedding, Her mother fainted on seeing her. She was even […]

Must Read: Romoke Part 26

ROMOKE PART 26 A STORY WRITTEN BY SWANKMEE   Romoke heaved a sigh of relief and rested her head on her Ade’s chest. They were traveling home to know her parents and also to do their traditional marriage. She wondered how are parents will react when they see her especially with the calibre of people […]

Must Read: Romoke Part 25

ROMOKE PART 25 A STORY WRITTEN BY SWANKMEE   Ade bent his head, his right hand still curled round Romoke’s hand. She was just staring at Ade, ever since she asked him about his relationship with Sikemi. She shut her eyes tightly, she was on the hospital bed, she blinked back unshed tears. She remembered […]

Must Read: Romoke Part 23

ROMOKE PART 23 A STORY WRITTEN BY SWANKMEE   “I can’t believe this Ezinne, I trusted you but you betrayed me. at least you should have thought about my innocent child before you wanted selling her off to ritualists, God in heaven will judge you”. She wiped her tears and curdled her baby. She wasn’t […]

Must Read: Romoke Part 22

ROMOKE PART 22 A STORY WRITTEN  BY SWANKMEE   Theophilus watched the two women talking in low tones at the back of his house, his wife was whispering to their pregnant neighbour who was also noding and clapping her hands. He went back to the sitting room, you can’t possibly separate women from gossip, they […]

Must Read: Romoke Part 21

ROMOKE PART 21 A STORY WRITTEN BY SWANKMEE   Dara cleaned her tears as she listened to her lawyer, she had been arrested the day before after the incompetent DPO she had connived with was suddenly removed and a new DPO who doesn’t take nonsense was brought to replace the previous one. and unknowingly for […]

Must Read: Romoke Part 18

ROMOKE PART 18 A STORY WRITTEN  BY SWANKMEE   Her eyes caught something written in white paint in front of the house number ’24’, it was then she did a mental calculation. She had just seen Theophilus, could blessing be his wife? She turned with teary red eyes, she felt her baby kick. Her eyes […]

Must Read: Romoke Part 17

ROMOKE PART 17 A STORY WRITTEN BY SWANKMEE Martha blew her nose into the brown handkerchief the woman sitting beside her in the Bus, sneered at her in disgust. Martha turned away her face to the window, she hissed her life was a complete mess she thought. She wondered if she was cursed cause evil […]


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