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Fausa Eleja S7 Episode 30

FAUSA ELEJA SEASON 7 ///EPISODE 30/// A STORY WRITTEN BY YKOLAZ Femi: not atall sir, the face look familiar to whom I discussed with you that killed my father……..infact seriously look alike with the picture the police got from mr. John before he died……………….Me: what!!! My friend, an assassin???? I doubted it, he was not […]

Bukky Alakara Part 19

BUKKY ALAKARÀ A STORY WRITTEN BY SERAH IYARE PART NINETEEN Bukky knocked on the door again. Was he home? Has he gone out? Maybe she should have called before coming. It had been a while since she had seen him. She missed him. She knocked and knocked, hoping that he was around. She heard the […]

Mr lecture episde 47

Episode 47 “Mr Ezubuike, your case is a very straightforward one. Every investigation i conducted clearly showed that you took advantage of a student the government pays you to teach, which really is against our policy. Supposing you are not married, it could have been easy to believe that you were dating the girl in […]


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