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Mr lecture episde 47

Episode 47 “Mr Ezubuike, your case is a very straightforward one. Every investigation i conducted clearly showed that you took advantage of a student the government pays you to teach, which really is against our policy. Supposing you are not married, it could have been easy to believe that you were dating the girl in […]

Mr lecturer episode 45

Episode 45 “i’m so confused right now. You are the only person i just got” i confessed, telling the old man everything about the short meeting i had with my H.O.D and colleagues minutes earlier. He listened with abrupt attention, shaking his head when i was done with my narration. “you know you shouldn’t have […]

Mr lecturer episode 44

Episode 44 It really wasn’t easy standing before pairs of intelligent eyes to defend myself. I had no choice than to quickly come up with an easy to believe half truth. There wasn’t any way of fully denying getting involved with Comfort, so what i did was to accept responsibility with a little make up […]


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