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Love Diary Episode 12

I woke up so late. It was already 8 in the morning. I was late for work. I guess the whole magical weekend I had last week has disappeared, leaving me with a boring week. At work, I couldn’t focus on anything. I haven’t heard from Samantha. No call. No message. I can’t blame her […]

Love Diary Episode 11

I drove my Bentley silently back to work. I work at Greenhill Consulting Firm. The huge company building is situated an Adeola Odeku street in Victoria Island. All through my life, I have wanted to work in a consulting firm. I love solving problems and finding new ways of doing things. When I finished at […]

Love Diary Episode 10

Murtala Mohammed airport was crowded with a lot of people. It was a Monday morning, the busiest day in the week. That explains the huge traffic. Before coming to the airport, I had first reported at work. I told my co-worker Elizabeth to hold things at bay for me until I come back. Approaching the […]

Love Diary Episode 9

Suddenly rain started falling and we both parted our lips. We were breathing so fast. She smiled at me. We looked at the sky and we started laughing, this happy laugh. I led her out of the building. As we were approaching where I parked my Bentley, she called Nelson and the two brothers came […]

Love Diary Episode 8

I looked into her eyes and whispered in her ears,”You wanna go someplace?” Her face lit up, “Where?” “A street away.” “Okay.” I took her hands and led her out of Club Vegas. The one story concrete construction looked ugly at daylight. At night, it sparkles under the moonlights. We climbed the steps at the […]

Love Diary Episode 6

I entered inside club Vegas and my eyes were arrested by neon lights. There were people everywhere. The red and blue lights gave the looming darkness outside these soft, bright edges. Omo see crowd. It was a Saturday evening at Lekki. The city is on fire and that’s how I like it. Skelewu music was […]

Love Diary Episode 4

I waited for her to speak. “I ran away,” she finally said. What? I asked in my mind but kept quiet. I took a little sip from the glass of wine. Being impatient, I asked, “Why dear? What happened?” She has stopped crying. I guess she has now found the courage to talk to me. […]

Love Diary Episode 3

The next day, I drove my Bentley to Banana Island. I drove past theModupe Alakija Crescent and soon I was cruising through the 1st Avenue. Situated in Ikoyi, the island is known for its wealthy, multi-cultural community and has some of the most expensive real estate in Nigeria. This beautiful island has become the preferred […]


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