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Must Read: Fate(16+) Episode 24

FATE (16+) EPISODE 24 A STORY WRITTEN BY PURITYVAL ***** “Sir, there is a problem.” He said into the phone parked beside the road where he saw their car. “I lost them.” He repeated “Yes, a guy, I couldn’t see his face. He helped her escape.” “Ok, on it.” ***** Gerald paced the length of […]

Must Read: Fate (16+) Episode 23

FATE (16+) EPISODE 23 A STORY WRITTEN BY PURITYVAL ******* CLAIRE She couldn’t believe her eyes as she stared at the screen of her computer as images of Bob and Gerald searching and scattering her father’s study displayed. She’d kept asking herself some unbelievable questions but didn’t want to give the obvious answers. She was […]

Must Read:Fate (16+) Episode 14

FATE (16+) EPISODE 14 A STORY WRITTEN BY PURITYVAL   ********* SLY. Name: Vince Greg. Residence: 16 Hillview Avenue. Date of Reg: 5th May, 2015………. That’s your guy. After reading the text message from Nellisa, he stood up, picked his keys and left. Driving out, he began to map out plan of action in his […]


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