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Afraid to love Episode 22

Afraid to love  Episode 22   Jeremy was panting. His blazing, tear eyes locked to his father’s. “You kept this from me,” he accused. “I’m sorry, son. So sorry. I’ve wronged you.” Edwin gave him a look of contrition and hurried to be close with him. Edwin opened his arms wide, Jeremy welcomed the embrace. […]

Afraid to love Episode 19

Afraid to love  Episode 19   “Purity, how was your date?” Prudence asked, flashing a smile. Purity forced a smile. “It was great mama.” “Can we talk about it?” Prudence pleaded. “I really can’t, mama.” Purity gave an apologetic smile. “I wanna have my bath and rest. I promise to tell you about it tomorrow.” […]

Afraid to love Episode 14

AFRAID TO LOVE  EPISODE 14     “Good morning,” Heather greeted Purity as she stepped into her office. “Morning, Heather,” Purity replied cheerfully. Heather noticed her boss was dressed in a casual wear- a denim jean and long sleeve shirt. Was this the Purity she knew? “Any updates?” Purity asked absent-mindly. She found herself thinking […]

Afraid to love Episode 12

Afraid to love  Episode 12   Jeremy continued glowering at the pretty witch bluffing. He thought they were going to get along. What the hell was wrong with her? He’d asked her to say ‘thank you’ for what he’d done. Instead of doing that, she’s here, bluffing. Saying she can ruin him. She’d forgotten he […]


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